10UP Competition

Presented by the Young Architects Forum of AIA Atlanta and MA! Design is Human

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The Young Architects Forum (YAF) of AIA Atlanta is excited to announce the return of the national 10UP Competition. We invite innovative designers and artists from around the country to contribute to the exciting arts scene blossoming in the eclectic city of Atlanta.

Once again, YAF of AIA Atlanta is teaming up with MA! Design is Human to host this competition to create an original temporary installation. The winning structure will be erected at the corner of 15th and Peachtree streets in the heart of Midtown, directly across from Colony Square! (View map here.)

The competition is open to designers of all disciplines and will be an exciting exhibit of emerging talent. 10UP is the perfect initiative for young designers, and seasoned artists alike, to have their work broadly displayed, published and appreciated.

The winning entry should not only complement the current public art climate that is warming in Atlanta, but should be an event of its own, celebrating the contributions of the young talent within the design community and creating the markings of its own story within the landscape.

City in a Forest by Bryan Alcorn
1st Place, 2015 10UP Competition


Ryan Woods; Eric Balogh; Daniel Dixon; Sally Parker;
Lauren Sherman; Adam Lamb

Jerrard Hall

Old School Interactive
Christopher Loyal

Pentagon Pavilion
Sarah Holden

Chris Welty

Thermal Stack/Flat Pack
Alexander Timmer


Winners will be announced during the Atlanta Design Festival’s free Design Economy Expo at ADAC on Friday, June 9, from 6 to 11 p.m.

Click below for free tickets to the Expo.

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Tristan Al-Haddad
Georgia Institute of Technology
Formations Studio

Rain Wu

Todd Bertsch
HOK Atlanta

Jereme Smith

Abigail Coover Hume
Hume Coover Studio

Molly Hunker

Carrie McKnelly
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


10UP Competition: 1st Place

1st place winner receives:

  • $1,000 cash prize*
  • $5,000 construction budget and sponsored build out
10UP Competition: 2nd Place

2nd place winner receives:

  • $500 cash prize
  • Entry boards and study models displayed at AIA Atlanta office
10UP Competition: 3rd Place

3rd place winner receives:

  • $250 cash prize
  • Entry boards and study models displayed at AIA Atlanta office

1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will also receive:

  • 4 complimentary tickets to MA! Design is Human’s 2017 events, including the Atlanta Design Festival June 3-11
  • 2 complimentary tickets to AIA Atlanta’s Summer Social on June 30
  • Inclusion in AIA Atlanta’s annual Design Equilibrium magazine
*A portion of 1st Place cash prize may be used to cover travel expenses to Atlanta.