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AIA Atlanta Residential Design Awards

Welcome to the Seventh Annual AIA Atlanta Residential Design Awards (RDA)! Held each fall, RDA recognizes excellence in built work designed by members of AIA Atlanta and architects registered in Georgia.

Award categories

The program includes six award categories and entries can be located anywhere in the world. Entries must be built, with construction completed between January 1, 2017, and October 1, 2020.

Each entry must be a commissioned project and the entrant must have had the primary design responsibility. A project may be entered into only one category. The jury will award at least one Honor and/or Merit for overall design excellence in each of the categories:

  • Category one: Multifamily – Less Than 50 Units
  • Category two: Mixed-use – Over 50 Units
  • Category three: Single-family – Nontraditional
  • Category four: Single-family – Traditional
  • Category five: Renovations/Adaptive Reuse -Less Than 5,000 sq ft
  • Category six: Renovations/Adaptive Reuse – Over 5,000 sq ft

Registration dates

Entries open:
October 20, 2020

Entries close:
January 10, 2021

Extended to Friday, January 15, 2021 (11:59 p.m. ET)

Past winners by year

How to Enter

To be eligible, an entrant must:

  • Maintain a physical address in Georgia

  • Have been a registered architect in Georgia at the time of construction

  • Have held the primary design responsibility, functioning as lead designer in cases of joint-venture teams

  • Recognize all firms and/or individuals involved in the design process

  • Submit a project not previously awarded in any previous AIA Atlanta program

Honor and Merit awards are evaluated by:

  • How well the architect frames, addresses, and solves the key problems unique to this project, such as site, materials, context, codes, and political
  • Notable elements of sustainability and energy efficiency
  • Creative design responses to the existing context, such as how the project fits into its immediate environment, both natural and built
  • Innovative approaches to use of materials, lighting, structural systems, or building skin technology
  • How the design accommodates a variety of lifestyles, such as aging in place or changing physical needs of the occupants
  • Overall design excellence

The deliberation process:

The RDA Committee or the jury may make any interpretations necessary to carry out the intent of the awards. Each entry is also judged for the success with which the entry has met its individual requirements. Entries are subject to disqualification at the discretion of the Committee or jury. The jury is comprised of noted architecture professionals. The decisions made by the jury are final. Finalists will be notified before the winners are announced.

Part 1

Complete the registration form

The registration form collects your team and contact information. After completing payment, you are redirected to a separate project submission form, which protects your identity from the jury.

Part 2

Submit your project details and photos

Submissions must not include identification of authorship within the information requested below, or will result in automatic disqualification and forfeiture of any submitted fees.

You will input the following into the provided text fields:

  • Category
  • Project name

  • Project location

  • Summary of the project and architectural concept (250 words)

  • Summary of sustainable or energy-efficient elements (200 words)

  • Narrative describing challenges, solutions and lessons (400 words)

You will upload the following in the specified formats:

  • Signed statement on letterhead declaring no use of unpaid labor (PDF)

  • Diagrams and/or photographs (pdf, tif or jpg)

  • Signed photographer consent form(s) (PDF)


Photos should show each exterior facade and interior to illustrate the context, extent and quality of the finished project. Entrants must credit the photographer for each photo, and obtain rights to allow for their use by AIA Atlanta.

Entrants may submit up to ten* photos for jury deliberation. The photos must be high-resolution at 300 dpi. Accepted file formats: .jpg and .tif. Collages are not accepted EXCEPT FOR floor and site plan diagrams.

Additional photo requirements:

  1. One photograph must display the floor plan and sectional drawing of the project
  2. One photograph must be a landscape photo that clearly shows the area up to 200 feet on either side of the project
  3. All photo file names must include the project name

*For the Renovations/Adaptive Reuse categories only: Projects involving changes to existing structures must include documentation of the original conditions. Upload at least one photo showing the original/before condition of the structure.

Register for RDA

Individuals and firms are encouraged to submit as many projects as they wish. However, a single project may be entered into only one category. After registering, you will gain access to a separate submission form.

Registration fees (nonrefundable)

  • AIA members (at least one on the project team): $125 first entry
  • Nonmembers: $250 first entry
  • Subsequent entries: $100 each

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Photo Credits

Top: Harrison House, Surber Barber Choate + Hertlein Architects; 2019 Honor Award – Renovations/Adaptive Reuse: Under 5,000 Sq. Ft; Photo by Phillip Spears

Bottom: A Mews House, Alex Wu Architect; 2019 Honor Award – Single-family: Nontraditional; Photos by Garey Gomez