Welcome to the 2024 Patron Program

Marketing & Advertising

Reach Metro Atlanta architects with premier marketing opportunities from the chapter.

Logos and Public Directory

Upload a copy of your company logo and additional information for AIA Atlanta to include on its website, public directory, and relevant marketing collateral. Your logo should be vector in either EPS or AI format. Specifications:

  • EPS or AI format
  • Transparent background
  • One (1) brand or company (e.g., either the logo of your parent company OR one of your product lines)

AIA Atlanta reserves the right to reject a logo that does not meet these specifications.


Have questions? Get in touch here or text us at (404) 737-1973.

Email Blasts

Patrons have the opportunity to send email blasts to AIA Atlanta members. You’ll have creative control of your content and design, and we’ll send it to our members on your behalf. Follow the form instructions to reserve your email dates and submit your content.

Step 1: Reserve Your Date(s)

Dates are first-come, first-served. AIA Atlanta reserves the opportunity to make scheduling adjustments due to unforeseen conflicts or to optimize results. The patron email allotment is as follows:

  • Diamond and Elite: Quarterly
  • Gold and Silver: Semiannually (January – June; July – December)

Step 2: Design Your Email

Design Specifications

  • HTML only; you’ll paste your raw HTML code into the field provided
  • No email blasts that are a single graphic
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • In-line CSS
  • Clear graphics and photos that are self-hosted
  • Creative subject line
  • Safe for work

Disclaimer to Include

At the top of your email body, include the following disclaimer:

Message on behalf of [Company Name], a proud [Silver/Gold/Elite/Diamond] Patron of AIA Atlanta. We’ll never share your email address.

Content Recommendations

  • Be creative and engaging to catch readers’ attention
  • Educate and show your expertise
  • Include clear calls to action
  • Direct readers to a lead magnet such as a download, guide, case study, etc.

AIA Atlanta reserves the right to reject content and/or request changes.

Step 3: Upload your email

Email blast content must be uploaded 10 business days before the reserved date. Use the corresponding fields to paste your HTML  and enter your subject line. (Be creative!)

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