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Our student mentoring program provides an opportunity for architects and design professionals to share real-world experiences and life lessons, develop friendships and offer guidance to students as they prepare for careers in design.

By partnering with other organizations such as the Atlanta chapter of National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA Atlanta), Georgia Institute of Technology and Kennesaw State University, we have established a diverse mentoring program with mentors and mentees from an array of disciplines.

Here, you can learn more about the program and sign up as a mentor or mentee.

Mentor Matching

The mentoring program serve approximately 100 architecture and design students between AIAS (AIA Students college chapters) and NOMA Atlanta.

As a mentor and practicing architect, the program will be an opportunity for you to assist and guide future architects, and to pass on valuable life lessons that students can use. As a student, this is a chance to take a glimpse into the world beyond graduation and potentially develop a long-lasting relationship with a fellow practitioner.

Orientation Documents

Within the mentoring program, we make every effort to make compatible matches between mentors and students based on detailed survey information. Mentors and students meet at times and places convenient to them. There are no costs, rules, minimum requirements, grades, time limits or promises of future employment. The relationship depends on the mentor and student.

Meetings may be in person or virtual. Mentors and students are encouraged to meet at least once monthly, though this is flexible. In addition, there are opportunities throughout the year for the students and mentors to meet in a group setting, creating more opportunities for interaction and exposure.

Please find below a link to the orientation package, which is helpful in facilitating a successful mentoring session between mentors and students. At the end of the program, you are asked to complete feedback assessments so that we may measure the success of the program and ensure all parties’ needs are being met.

AIA Atlanta

Alvin “Vin” Mendoza

Cynthia Smith

Nick Purcell
Committee Member

Ryan Woods
Committee Member

NOMA Atlanta

Marc Johnson

Student Contacts

Alicia Rabadan
GT AIAS President

William Lentjes
KSU AIAS President

Ishrat Lopa
GT NOMAS President

Roderick Williams
KSU NOMAS President