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Midtown Box Lunch: Understanding Stone Wool


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Atlanta Fulton Public Library – Peachtree Branch
1315 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30309

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Understanding Stone Wool for Interior and Exterior Commercial Building Applications

1 LU

Roxul USA

This course is an introduction to stone wool, how it’s made and in which applications it can be used. There are many benefits of using stone wool and this module covers all the features concisely and in clear language. In this course you will learn the commercial applications of stone wool and see comparisons to some of the other insulation materials used today.

Topics/learning objectives

  • Stone wool insulation and manufacturing
  • Strategies to minimize thermal bridging and moisture risks in the building envelope.
  • Low-energy/zero-energy design considerations for super insulated buildings
  • Differences between stone wool, glass fiber and foam insulations
  • Ecologically sustainable aspects of stone wool
  • Applications for stone wool in commercial buildings and low slope roofing
  • Code changes to IBC Chapter 26 and testing standards for NFPA 285

The Box Lunch program is free for AIA members. Lunch is provided only to those pre-registered.