Architects Roundtable: A Power Hour of New Technology

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

May’s Architects Roundtable invites you to discover the new expression of ideas, technological innovation, and business in the AEC industry. Hear from five local firm leaders presenting advancements in site plans, landscaping, machine learning, workflows, and much more.

This forum, followed by an audience Q&A, allows entrepreneurs and business leaders to discuss roadblocks and success strategies in a fun, friendly, and inclusive environment. Sign up today to join Architects Roundtable the breakfast or to watch it online.


Construction technology is moving at light speed and the pace of change can make you long for the days of a disto and tape measure. At ClearEdge3D, our mission is to bring new technologies into your workflows that are easy-to-use, and simply make your field and back-office teams more efficient. Website >

Building energy codes are becoming stringent around the world. Cut construction cost by 2% to 3% while meeting these new codes. Use our machine-learning algorithms to look through thousands of alternatives. Pick the best one for your project and budget. Website >

ServeScape is out to change the nursery business to save landscape professionals time, money and have better plants delivered sooner. Website >

TestFit is the ultimate building configurator. TestFit’s algorithms and co-creation tools help users solve site plans for commodity buildings such as multifamily, mixed-use, industrial, garden apartments, and more in seconds. Website >

Presenting a new Nanoscience product to find a more eco-friendly fire protection product. Website >

Learning objectives

  • Current challenges and issues impacting our industry today, and how these companies are addressing them
  • How technology can improve our efficiency and profitability
  • How our firms can utilize new approaches and technology services to improve services to our clients
  • What innovations are being currently developed in the marketplace and how our firms can take advantage of new products and services

Image: cove.tool

Date and time

Wednesday, May 11, 2022
8:00 am - 9:30 am
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Ansley Golf Club – Midtown
196 Montgomery Ferry Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30309


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AIA Atlanta

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