Designers of Tomorrow

Many successful architects say their interest in architecture came at a very early age. AIA Atlanta’s Designers of Tomorrow initiative helps cultivate the minds and talents of future architects through a series of K-12 programming:

The High School Design Competition is an annual program with entries from students all over the state of Georgia.

Participation is completely free. HSDC offers an introductory level for individuals in grades 9 and 10 with no or little architectural background, and an advanced level for experienced students in grades 11 and 12.

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AIA Atlanta’s annual (and free!) Designers of Tomorrow Fair invites students in middle and high school for an exciting exploration of architecture and design concepts. Under the guidance of architects, students will break into small groups for sketching exercises, model building and storytelling.

The fair takes place each fall. See pictures from our most recent fair (October 2019) >

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Inspired to raise young students’ awareness of architecture, art instructor Phillip Alexander-Cox and architect Melody Harclerode, AIA, LEED AP developed in fall 2010 a pilot program of Discover Architecture at E. Rivers Elementary School. Similar existing programs, such as the highly successful Portland, Oregon-based Architects in Schools, revealed that elementary school-aged children had a strong desire to learn about architecture.

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Our passion is architecture, referring to the art and science of designing buildings, open spaces and communities. Architecture encompasses numerous fields, including engineering, interior design, green design, land planning, construction and lighting design.

Whether a student in our program desires to become an architect or have another occupation, Discover Architecture affords these students a greater appreciation of architecture and the built environment. Our mission is to provide:

  • Fun exploration of architecture and related fields, such as engineering, landscaping, interior design and green design
  • Interesting curriculum that can be customized by the volunteer architects at an elementary school to take into account the architecture in the school’s neighborhood or city
  • Engaging design activities to promote creativity and inquiry and encourage students to work individually and in teams
  • Quality architects and volunteers who run the program
  • Dynamic guest speakers to enliven and enrich classroom activities