Sandy Lake Residence

This 3200-square-foot new construction home sits on a gently rolling, heavily wooded, seven-acre property about 45 minutes outside of Atlanta. In this home, as with all of our projects, there is an emphasis on very site-specific design and seamless integration of the home with the outdoors with specific emphasis here on views to the small lake. Given the rural context, we wanted to balance the very contemporary forms with a more organic materiality that helps the house blend into its’ surroundings and give a more rustic, “raw” feel on both the exterior and interior.

Project information


West Architecture Studio


Project location

Fayetteville, Georgia

Completion Date


Team members

Architects and designers
S. Scott West, AIA (Architect)
S. Scott West, AIA and Barrie Hurst-Dreyer (Interior Design)

PEC Engineering (Structural Engineer)

Additional team
Peter Brannigan/PB Construction (General Contractor)


Fredrik Brauer