This residence’s brief was direct – create a modern, resort-like forever home for a professional couple. Two uncomplicated forms sit effortlessly atop a concrete foundation on a steep and narrow site. These forms belie an open interior that contains ample amounts of light-filled public and private space, centered around an intimate pool terrace. Structure plays a key role, as the home expresses how it was built, and materials were chosen for durability and tactility. We focused on simple and deliberate solutions, and the result is a home that offers tranquility and a respite from life in the city.

With a 50’ wide lot dropping 18’ from front to back, the site proved to be the primary challenge for this project. Meeting the design brief and desired program required using the site strategically to our advantage. In order to keep the home below the maximum allowable height and ensure the front door was at an appropriate position in relation to the street, we embedded the home’s must-have utility spaces. These included an expansive garage, dog care area, and storage which allowed for the main level to be graciously elevated above the street.

With limited yard on all sides, stormwater management was handled by placing large detention tanks at the lowest elevation in the rear yard, with all downspouts and French drains leading to the tanks. A series of landscape beds meeting the sidewalk collect stormwater and create a softened edge as they step down to the lowest level at the rear yard. Native plantings were chosen for their compatibility with the local climate and our exterior material palette, all while aiding with water management on the site. The site proved challenging for another programmatic must have, a swimming pool on the main level. Because of the steep site, we knew this pool would be elevated as much as 10’ above grade. In order to reduce weight, concrete was poured over extruded foam matching the finish profile. The resulting height of this pool allowed for more natural light to reach the kitchen, living, and sleeping areas on the main level.

Project information


Square Feet Studio


Project location

Atlanta, Georgia

Completion Date


Team members

Blake Burton, AIA


Garey Gomez