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Hartwell Cabin

Lightroom Studio
115 N McDonough St
Decatur, Georgia 30030
William J. Carpenter

Project Location: Martin, Georgia

Project Description

With the Harwell Cabin, simplicity lies at the apex of sophistication. With less than 200 square feet and costing only $5,000, Hartwell is a micro-house designed through a minimalist filter. Located among the pin oak forests of Martin, Georgia, it functions as an artist’s retreat with direct connection to the Appalachian Trail via a path to Amicalola Falls. The site is uniquely located near the end of a cove with a dock on Lake Hartwell, a 56,000 acre man-made lake burying underwater infrastructure at its deepest point of 185 feet, bordering Georgia and South Carolina.

At the entrance, a gatehouse with sauna, storage and outdoor shower flanks a path leading to the main structure. With two stories devoted to living room/kitchenette, bathroom and lofted bedroom, the program is simple, leaving no space without purpose. A path from the cabin winds sinuously through the trees, providing view to the stream and revealing the lake.

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