Edge on the BeltLine

While the architecture of Edge on the Beltline is visually interesting with the obvious motif of striated materials, it’s the urban/site connections that drive the design to a successful outcome. The challenge for the design team at Edge on the Beltline was to design a cohesive community that worked at both the local and urban scale. This challenge was immediately apparent with two major street boundaries at vastly different elevations and two sections of the site separated by the Beltline.

The design started with the notion that it must address all public streets, despite the fact that Edgewood Avenue is an elevated bridge at this location. Additionally, the design team felt like it was important to connect the Edgewood sidewalk to the Beltline. Once the streets and site had been stitched together in the North/South direction the emphasis turned to the Beltline connections. The building is visually and experientially porous on the Beltline frontage, allowing residents to engage the Beltline in a multitude of ways. There are physical connections at grade from multiple access points or the pool deck. There are myriad view corridors intentionally framed from elevated amenity decks and private balconies. Finally, the design activates the beltline edge with a curated retail experience ranging from chef-driven restaurants to healthcare, allowing residents and the local community to engage with the architecture in a very meaningful way.

Project information


Brock Hudgins Architects and Lord Aeck Sargent



Project location

Atlanta, Georgia

Completion Date


Team members

Architects and designers
Joe Greco, AIA
Eric Brock, AIA
Travis Ridenbaugh, RA
Ben Hudgins, AIA
Christopher Fender
Dessa Lohrey

Summit Engineering Consultants (Civil)
Phillips Gradick (MEP)
Davis & Church (Structural)

Additional team
Brian Nonemaker, SGN+A (Landscape Architect)
NAP Contracting (General Contractor)
Crosby Design Group (Interior Design)


John Clemmer Photography