September 20, 2022

Member Spotlight

Alexis Ortega, AIA


I’m a registered architect and I currently work with HLGstudio in commercial interior design. I am part of the Corporate & Higher Ed studio. I started my career in Miami, Florida where I worked in residential, commercial, and corporate design for eight years before moving to Atlanta a year ago. I get to combine my passion for architecture and interiors as I continue to explore design at different scales and complexities, from the more technical requirements to the finishing touches for a move-in-ready space.

My current projects in the renderings include a workplace renovation that features a multifunctional greeting, meeting, and social hub that would be fun and attract employees back to the office in post covid times.

The second image is for a two-story workplace buildout, level one being a client-focused meeting and amenity space and level two focusing on private office and open work areas, with a new interconnecting staircase that brings the two worlds together. The third image is for a food hall & café renovation within a corporate office tower complex, where we designed to blur the connection between interior and exterior space through lighting, materiality, and greenery. The two latter projects are currently under construction, and I’m so excited to see them come to life.

Quick tip: you can take a screenshot of the QR code, go to your images and press it to open a 360 view of the rendering in your web browser.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling to fuel my curiosity and love to stay active whether it’s by exploring a new hiking trail or with my newfound love for indoor cycling. At home, I always have a few fun ongoing art projects that keep me busy.

Favorite design tool

My favorite design tool at the moment is Enscape with Revit; it is so user-friendly, allows for a more efficient workflow and we get to see changes in lighting and materiality in an instant.