August 24, 2022

Member Spotlight

Zachary Orig, Assoc. AIA


I am a Health Fellow & Design Professional currently working at HKS in the Atlanta office. Working alongside the Cities & Communities practice, I work at the intersection of urban design, planning, and architecture with an emphasis on city development and master planning using data-informed geospatial analytics. As a health fellow, my research has engaged urban design and healthcare through the development of a tool to identify, evaluate, and prioritize built environments for wellness.

My experience alongside the Cities & Communities practice at HKS has been nothing short of amazing. Our work prioritizes short and long-term goals to grow, connect, and revitalize urban areas with vision and purpose through partnering with diverse stakeholders and clients. Currently, we are working on transformative projects that span from livable center initiatives to Transit Oriented Developments.

In my free time, I love being outside – whether that’s rock climbing, running, hiking, camping, and especially mountain biking. I am an avid coffee drinker and prefer riding my bike or walking over driving a car any day of the week to get around Atlanta. I also enjoy editorial design, reading, and playing video games.

Favorite design tool

My sketchbook! A former professor of mine always told me that the pen is the seismograph of your thoughts, so if that’s true, you could know anything about any designer if you could see their sketchbook. Beyond trace paper, it’s the place where ideas not only get drawn and recorded, but synthesized into something else, something real, or something unexpected. That’s what makes the sketchbook a designer’s best tool.

Images courtesy HKS, Inc.