2020 Board Elections

Voting is closed.

Thank you to AIA Atlanta members for participating in the elections for the 2020 board of directors. Votes are currently being validated, with official results to be published during the week of November 25.

The 2020 Slate

Tracy Carusi, AIA
Tracy Carusi, AIA2021 President
Greg Mullin, AIA
Greg Mullin, AIA2021 President
James Viviano, AIA
James Viviano, AIA2021 President
Desmond Johnson, AIA
Desmond Johnson, AIATreasurer
Peter Drey, Assoc. AIA
Peter Drey, Assoc. AIACommunications Director
Robert Woodhurst, AIA
Robert Woodhurst, AIACommunications Director
Jared Serwer, AIA
Jared Serwer, AIAContinuing Education Director
Mark Chen, AIA
Mark Chen, AIADevelopment Director
Javier Santos, AIA
Javier Santos, AIAEmerging Professionals & Membership Director
Parker Stewart, Assoc. AIA
Parker Stewart, Assoc. AIAEmerging Professionals & Membership Director
Sarah Woynicz, AIA
Sarah Woynicz, AIAEmerging Professionals & Membership Director
Monica Fenderson, AIA
Monica Fenderson, AIAPrograms Director
Sean Fowler, Assoc. AIA
Sean Fowler, Assoc. AIAPrograms Director
Heather Potts, AIA
Heather Potts, AIAPrograms Director
Zachary Story, AIA
Zachary Story, AIAPrograms Director
Chris Tidwell, AIA
Chris Tidwell, AIAPrograms Director