Submissions Now Open

From paintings and sculptures to fashion and live performance, we’re looking for the best art that Atlanta has to offer. Submissions are now open for URBANfronts, returning for a fourth year this September.

As an avid supporter of arts and education, AIA Atlanta created the URBANfronts programs to produce creative partnerships with art groups, schools and the community, fostering youthful and innovative talent.

URBANfronts Creative Expressions is a one-night gallery exhibit featuring works of art and architecture along with dialogue on design and multicultural entertainment. Creative Expressions was designed to promote design conversations in a public forum, utilizing the work of Atlanta designers and artists. In addition it provides an expression of AIA Atlanta’s commitment to public education and awareness of local design.

URBANfronts Storefront Galleries, coinciding with the one-night Creative Expressions exhibit, seeks to beautify and enhance the built environment through the adaption of empty retail storefronts in downtown to thought provoking works of art and architecture. The storefront displays are active for two weeks.

Theme: Intersection of Nature and Technology

This year’s theme is the “Intersection of Nature and Technology.” In today’s world, technology has become as ubiquitous as nature in many aspects of our life. The impact of the built environment we have created has now overcome the resilience of the natural ecosystems we depend on. URBANfronts will now explore the intersection of technology and nature through creative investigations of art, architecture and performing arts.

Through our own expressions and interpretations of various types of art, the interdependence of each system and the ecosystem we have created for ourselves can lead to a very dynamic dichotomy of experiential sustainability.

Submission Guidelines

The Creative Expressions gallery is all about new ideas and how these ideas allow the audience to learn, expand their perspectives and leave the night with something fresh on their minds.

Examples of possible design interventions: works in art, mixed media, sculpture and the like; as well as works in architecture, fashion, furniture design, graphic design, interior design, landscape architecture, student project boards, acoustical pieces, and architectural design models and boards.

URBANfronts | Creative Expressions

One-night exhibit art submissions are invited for the following:

  • Interactive Installations (5′ x 15′ approximate floor area) | $100 stipend
    • Large and interactive art that can be experienced through light, touch and sound, etc.
    • Work will be exhibited within the main event space open to the public for the one-night opening exhibit
  • Miscellaneous Artwork and Design Projects (5′ x 5′ approximate display area)
    • Work will be exhibited within the main event space open to the public for walk-through in a one-night opening exhibit
    • Artists’ names will be listed in the night’s program and on the AIA Atlanta website
    • Artists are encouraged to sell artwork and all proceeds will go to artist directly; sale of art facilitated by the respective artist(s)
    • Neither AIA Atlanta nor any of its partners bear any responsibility for artwork damaged before, during or after the Creative Expressions
    • Artists are encouraged to hang/set up their own artwork at their own risk, with the direction and help of URBANfronts volunteers and staff

URBANfronts | Storefront Galleries

  • Storefront Installations (10′ x 10′ x 10′ storefront space) | $250 Stipend
    • Artists’ installations provided storefront space in Atlanta for public view for two weeks
    • Work to be viewed from exterior only
    • Installations are large and adapted to the storefront
    • Installations should include lighting for viewing at night

Important Dates

Submissions close:
August 14

Artists notified:
September 1

Exhibit and reception:
September 22

Storefront galleries:
September 22 through October 8

For questions, please contact Chris Yueh, Director of Programs, at (404) 222-0099 ext. 108, or by email.

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